How to install Plex Home Theater on Ubuntu 15.04

Installing PHT on Ubuntu 15.04 wasn’t entirely straightforward, and required a bit of Googling.  I don’t know if all these steps are necessary, it is just the order in which I found and tried helpful hints from a variety of forums.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:plexapp/plexht
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:pulse-eight/libcec
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install plexhometheater
sudo apt-get install libcec-dev
sudo apt-get install mkvtoolnix
sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

At this point PHT was installed and launched, but all videos had no sound and were playing at 2x the normal rate.  I did two things to resolve those issues.

1.  Uncheck Dolby Digital AC3 capable receiver under the Plex audio preferences
2.  In Ubuntu, System Settings, Sound:  made sure the HDMI was set correctly and tested the sound.
3.  Make sure all the suspend/sleep/screen lock settings are turned off.  ‘System Settings’ ‘Brightness and Lock’.   Nothing worse than the PC suspending mid show:)


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Syfy’s Killjoys Dark Matter J.J Abrams lense flare and contrast

I was excited to see that Syfy had two new TV shows coming out this summer, KillJoys and Dark Matter…until I watched them.

After J.J. Abrams was relentlessly made fun of for the amount of lens flare in his first attempt at a Star Trek movie, he ended up apologizing .

So when Syfy commissioned two new shows they decided that both of them should have absurd amounts of lens flare and ultra high black/white contrast…interesting choice.

In addition, both shows have decided that human vision has drastically changed in the future.  Apparently it is perfectly normal to build spaceships and buildings that have harsh white fluorescent light strips at eye level in every wall of the structure.   Can you actually imagine going to work or a store and having all the fluorescent lights mounted on the walls?  Absurd.  And apparently the ‘natural world’ outdoor scenes are all on planets that have suns with extra white light.

Movies like Interstellar prove that normal lighting is a perfectly acceptable modern way to tell a science fiction story.  Like any show, you just need a good plot, good actors, and interesting camera work.  At this point I’m assuming that Syfy cannot find good actors, writers, or directors.  Or they are intentionally marketing their programs to 9 year old’s or telling the creators to make crap.  But I have to believe that even a 9 year old would find the camera and lighting work in Interstellar far superior to J.J. Abrams lens flares or the harsh white wall lights that are omnipresent in both the Killjoys and Dark Matter tv shows.

But then again, I know next to nothing about making a modern TV show.  I guess these new “high contrast”, “never show the actors face in natural light”, “lens flare like crazy”, “shake the camera in every action scene so you can’t really see the action”, techniques are what tests well with newer audiences.   I am predicting more books and less TV in my future if this is the direction that the industry is taking.

Maybe I am getting old?  What the newer generation wants, they will get, and us ‘older folks’ will always complain.

“The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers.”

ATTRIBUTION: Attributed to SOCRATES by Plato, according to William L.
Patty and Louise S. Johnson, Personality and Adjustment, p. 277
(1953).”   Post taken from Google Answers





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Firefox 31 32 – disable certificate checking

Firefox 31/32 introduced stricter certificate checking. So strict that it became a hinderance to development. Even unchecking the validation from tools–>options–>advanced–>certificates–>validation did not work.

In this thread I found the solution:

Enter about:config in address bar.
Search for security.use_mozillapkix_verification and toggle false.

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Webvisions 2012

HTML5 and CSS3 with Jason Crawford Teague.

Will h5 kill flash. Yes

People are running out of power. There are 2 extension cords.

He isn’t going to address accessibility. Suggested ‘skip to main content’.

Portals he considers channels sections with articles in them.

I feel like I’m in a live theatre version of a slashdot thread. People keep pointing out every code mistake


The Definitive Guide To Mobile Device Preparedness. Jason Grisly and Lyza Danger Gardner. zip


Soon more phones than people. Opera mini usage rising fast.
Android largest mobile OS

Bad, flash, invalid markup, number of requests, hard coded size


No mention of Rhodes.

modernizr.js adds touch


Gitbox. Xscope. Mamp. 960 grid system. Twitter bootstrap. WordPress. Dev Stage Prod.

VC. Git. Don’t use svn. Distributed.

Gitx. Beanstalk. Use lots of branches.

Pantheon for wp

Location – no context.

Cal/contacts, proximity to users,

Greyscale upside-down

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Chimichurri recipe

Three Herb Chimichurri

This reciepe calls for beef tenderloin, but any meat will do. Skirt steak, flank, chicken, pork tenderloin, etc..

If using a flank or skirt, generously coat with veg. oil before rubbing in the dry ingredients. A thin flank or skirt should cook on high (450-500 on the grill) for 2 minutes per side, if not a bit shorter. A full 2 minutes on each side results in a nearly well done but still tender meat.

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Math is fun

We try to solve this equation: x^2 – x + 1 = 0
We do that by adding x – 1 on both sides: x^2 = x – 1
We multiply both sides by x: x^3 = x^2 – x
Add 1 on both sides: x^3 + 1 = x^2 – x + 1
Recognize the first equation in the right side: x^3 + 1 = 0
Subtract 1 on both sides: x^3 = -1
Take the cube root on both sides: x = -1
Check the answer: (-1)^2 – -1 + 1 = 0

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