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Syfy’s Killjoys Dark Matter J.J Abrams lense flare and contrast

I was excited to see that Syfy had two new TV shows coming out this summer, KillJoys and Dark Matter…until I watched them. After J.J. Abrams was relentlessly made fun of for the amount of lens flare in his first … Continue reading

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Firefox 31 32 – disable certificate checking

Firefox 31/32 introduced stricter certificate checking. So strict that it became a hinderance to development. Even unchecking the validation from tools–>options–>advanced–>certificates–>validation did not work. In this thread I found the solution: Enter about:config in address bar. Search for security.use_mozillapkix_verification … Continue reading

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Chimichurri recipe

Three Herb Chimichurri This reciepe calls for beef tenderloin, but any meat will do. Skirt steak, flank, chicken, pork tenderloin, etc.. If using a flank or skirt, generously coat with veg. oil before rubbing in the dry ingredients. A thin … Continue reading

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Math is fun

We try to solve this equation: x^2 – x + 1 = 0 We do that by adding x – 1 on both sides: x^2 = x – 1 We multiply both sides by x: x^3 = x^2 – x … Continue reading

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Free Kids!

I guess when you are going out of business, you get desperate… I saw this window painting on a now closed Hollywood Video store.

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Fckeditor & php: HTML header is gone?

Fckeditor is something that I’ve used for home and work often. It is a lightweight, very adaptable open-source wysiwyg editor. The editor can be used with most major web languages (php, js, coldfusion, etc..). Recently I ran into a problem … Continue reading

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