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Luminis 5 future road map

Its good to here that luminis is moving away from the portal development arena, and focusing more on the middleware. The luminis 5 plans are to support multiple portal front ends, oracle, liferay, etc… sticking to standards, like struts and … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 doesn’t exist in a vacumn

I’m in the middle of Xavier’s presentation about web 2.0. A few things that are becoming apparent, is that technology won’t answer every need. Xavier redesigned their internal business flow, help desks, IT structure, and more. 24×7, receptive, personal, web … Continue reading

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New TA channel

Just went to “Doing more with Luminis IV”.  It turned out to be pretty good, as I learned that its possible to deploy more targeted announcement channels.  Yet another way to segregate the floods of targeted announcements.  I put a … Continue reading

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Doing more with Luminis IV

Overview mostly. Creating new announcement channels. The custom targeted announcement channels looks nice, if I could make it work:)

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Luminis CMS

After watching the luminis cms presentation, I still think its a bit overkill for our cms needs.

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Competing with iGoogle and MyYahoo

Drag and drop channels and tabs made easy:) Very cool. The downside is two system calls per login. 95% of the code is in the theme folder, but nested-tables.xsl and util.js are touched also. BONUS:: edit $CP_WEBINF/uPortal/properties/ (big perf. hit) … Continue reading

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