Webvisions 2012

HTML5 and CSS3 with Jason Crawford Teague.

Will h5 kill flash. Yes


People are running out of power. There are 2 extension cords.

He isn’t going to address accessibility. Suggested ‘skip to main content’.

Portals he considers channels sections with articles in them.

I feel like I’m in a live theatre version of a slashdot thread. People keep pointing out every code mistake


The Definitive Guide To Mobile Device Preparedness. Jason Grisly and Lyza Danger Gardner.

http://Bit.ly/wvpdx-workshop zip


Soon more phones than people. Opera mini usage rising fast.
Android largest mobile OS

Bad, flash, invalid markup, number of requests, hard coded size


No mention of Rhodes.

modernizr.js adds touch




Gitbox. Xscope. Mamp. 960 grid system. Twitter bootstrap. WordPress. Dev Stage Prod.

VC. Git. Don’t use svn. Distributed.

Gitx. Beanstalk. Use lots of branches.

Pantheon for wp

Location – no context.

Cal/contacts, proximity to users,

Greyscale upside-down

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